This is a complicated time for healthcare in America. We hear the debate in our political discussions, but we’re often left with questions about how the specifics apply to us. This has all made it difficult for people to follow the rapid changes within the healthcare system and sort out their best options.

At JR Healthcare Solutions our passion lies in helping people make smart and productive choices regarding their insurance. Making smart and well informed medical decisions are vital to a healthy and productive life. Good coverage means more than just signing up; it means peace of mind, support, and protection for your future.

Our experience lies in understanding that everyone’s situation is different and many factors come into play when people consider health or life insurance. 

The Affordable Care Act changed the rules and made things a little different. Understanding the ins and outs of the law is our job and communicating the best options for you is our duty. The marketplace can be overwhelming and convoluted. We look at your particular circumstance and help you find the best option to fit your needs and budget. 
Located in El Paso, Texas we serve both Texans and New Mexicans. At JR Healthcare Solutions we are focused on providing the most extensive information and guidance to help our clients make the best choices. 

Make an appointment today and get started on a brighter and healthier future.